We warmly welcome you to Alte Eiche Self Catering Accommodation.

For greater privacy and independence, select a self-contained and fully equipped South African self catering unit. All self catering units feature a kitchen equipped with the facilities and equipment guests require in order to cater for themselves.

Your clever choice to come and live as a local and enjoy the advice of your hosts with regards to their favourite spots in the area.


You will find our “Old Oak Tree” facts quite interesting: Oak trees are a type of deciduous tree which are broad-leaved trees that shed all their leaves during one season. Oak trees can live 200 or more years and can start producing acorns when they are 20 years old, but sometimes can go all the way to 50 years before the first production. By the time the tree is 70 to 80 years old it will produce thousands of acorns.

'The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.'

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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